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LendingDeck Brokers

Earn More For You And Your Clients

Why Choose LendingDeck?

LendingDeck’s Broker Referral Program is built to be a partnership where we both win together. With personalized service, quick turnarounds on hard money and rental loan quotes and competitive rates for your clients, you’ll have everything you need to earn more in less time.


LendingDeck can pre-approve your deal within 24-hours of receiving a completed application package.


LendingDeck protects registered brokers with your fees stated in the term sheet, executed broker agreement and check sent directly from LendingDeck.


Save time and money looking for local lenders.  At LendingDeck, we have you covered in 44 states* and Washington DC.

Broker Registration Form

Complete the below registration form or call us at (800) 547-9080.

Broker Registration Form

*LendingDeck’s Broker Referral Program is not currently available in the following states: CA, ND, NV, OR, SD, VT 

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