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LendingDeck Hard Money Lender

Simple, Fast Loans For Real Estate Investors

Grow your real estate business with our fix & flip and 30-year rental loans.


Fix & Flip Loans

Purchase + Rehab Financing

Short-term financing for the investor who wants to purchase and rehab an investment property in order to sell it.


Rental Loans

Fixed Rate, 30-Year Loans

Purchase, refinance or cash-out your rental properties with our 30-year rental loans. No income required to qualify.

Your Single Source Financing Partner

LendingDeck is a nationwide lender that provides short-term fix & flip loans and long-term rental financing for real estate investors. Our loans can be used for purchasing or refinancing non-owner occupied residential properties, funding renovation projects, and financing long-term rentals.

Get Pre-Approved

Which Loan Program Interests You?

Complete the below quick form or call us at (800) 547-9080.

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