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Loan Processor

We're looking for awesome people who want to get in on the ground floor of a company that's growing, hiring and going places! If you have a passion for lending and helping clients achieve their dreams, we want you to come join the LendingDeck processing team.

Full Support of the sales and management team. 

Continuity of managing each loan from application to funding.

Unlimited Paid Time Off for work / life balance.

LendingDeck ( is not your average mortgage company. Our goals are to help real estate investors find success and to make financing the easiest part of their journey. Our company is comprised of passionate people who love real estate, strive for excellence and care about each client.

We are actively looking for experienced Loan Processor (LP) to join the LendingDeck team. As a Loan Processor, you will be responsible for assisting current and prospective LendingDeck clients in obtaining real estate investment loans and guiding them through the processing and underwriting requirements. The LP serves as the main contact with prospective and current clients after they have been preliminarily approved for and requested a real estate investment loan. LPs are responsible for collecting, analyzing, reviewing and distributing documents and activities required by underwriting to originate an investment loan. LendingDeck is committed to providing its services efficiently, effectively, and ethically. The LP also provides valuable feedback from their client/capital partner interactions on the efficiency and accuracy of loan processing efforts and offers process improvement suggestions. LPs are asked to suggest ways to improve processing speed and accuracy as well as ensure a high level of client engagement throughout the processing component of loan origination. 

A well-qualified candidate will want to actively engage all stakeholders in the loan application process as well as rely on their experience to assist management in refining and driving a more efficient, client focused, loan process.


•    Competitive salary w/ performance based bonuses
•    Supplemented health insurance


•    Assist Account Executives with collecting and processing loan applications.
Collect and review applicant documents including sales contracts, leases, renovation budgets, credit reports, LLC formation docs, hazard insurance, etc.

•    Ensure potential clients’ investment opportunities and information is in conformance to our credit box and underwriting requirements.

•    Coordinate with purchasers, sellers, agents, appraisers, title companies and other industry professionals.
•    Order title work, appraisals, flood certifications and all other verifications necessary for loan approval.
•    Communicate regularly with loan applicants to ensure a seamless, borrower friendly loan process.
•    Work to develop processes and systems where none exist to better track and fulfill underwriting requirements for the approval of loans.

•    Make recommendations on process improvements

•    Manage 20-30 loans at any given time and close 20 loans per month from start to finish

Required Qualifications

•    High School Diploma or GED
•    Preferred College Degree
•    Strong knowledge of real estate and mortgages
•    2+ years experience processing / underwriting DSCR loans, bridge loans

Work Location

•    Office based (Richmond, VA)

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